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The SmartShopper combines the convenience of a high-quality shopping cart with the innovation level of modern shopping experiences. But what are the major advantages for merchants and their customers?

Exact article detection

No inventory differences

The SmartShopper is designed to support its users in scanning all articles without fault. Intuitive guidance via the cart’s user interface encourages customers to accurately record each item inserted. This reduces inventory differences and increases stock accuracy. In markets with automated ordering systems, this means more precise reordering and more accurate inventory analysis.

The future of shopping

Well-Conceived: Ready for store usage

The SmartShopper’s versatility makes it superior to any app solution. The most precise weighing technology means that evidence-based checks are only necessary if the customer stands out due to conspicuous scanning behaviour. The SmartShopper learns items and the exact weights through AI-supported learning algorithms that require no manual intervention during its operation. This makes it an easy-to-maintain assistant in every supermarket and automatically provides relevant key figures on a daily basis.

Applicable everywhere

Compatible with all POS systems

During the development of the SmartShopper, we paid special attention on an easy integration into existing store structures. The intelligent shopping vehicle is therefore compatible with all POS systems without any problems. Thanks to a standardised and encrypted, highly secure transmission technology, the system can be implemented in any POS system without major effort.

Field-Tested safety

Technology virtually eliminates theft

The high-precision weighing technology works to an accuracy of 2 grams, which in combination with the control algorithm virtually eliminates theft. With every purchase, the SmartShopper improves the checkout control thanks to self-learning AI. And if the cart detects even the smallest irregularities, it logs on at the checkout for an evidence-based follow-up check by the staff. No need to agonise about theft any longer.

Due to modern technology

Amortisation in less than one year

An investment in the SmartShopper is also an investment in the satisfaction of your customers. But that’s not where it ends: thanks to the precise evaluation of the shopping basket, cashier stations for the checkout process can be saved and replaced by self-service checkouts. This means that the invest in your SmartShopper fleet pays off in less than twelve months – while actively improving customer satisfaction.

Improved customer satisfaction

Enhanced POS performance

In just a few seconds, the SmartShopper transfers a full shopping basket to the store’s checkout system, which means an increase in checkout performance many times over. This relieves cashiers and can increase customer satisfaction due to staff deployment in other areas. And your customers will also thank you: long checkout queues could very soon be a thing of the past.

Great service

More efficient staff deployment

For your customers, a good shopping experience comes with good service. By relieving the cash desk staff, you can deploy your employees in other areas such as product maintenance or service. In this way, you can achieve better staff availability on the sales floor while keeping personnel costs invariable.

Easy maintenance

Premium hardware

At Expresso, we know the importance of practical hardware. The large basket volume of 143 litres and the shelf underneath for box and carton goods offer enough space for every purchase. A high-quality powder coating makes it easy to clean and the high-quality castors facilitate a quiet shopping experience. Thanks to precise and durable measuring technology, the SmartShopper is designed for a long service life.

When using the SmartShopper, maintenance contracts for soft- and hardware are concluded with each store. This way, we can guarantee constant readiness for use and you benefit directly from the further development of the software.

Improved customer satisfaction

A new shopping experience

The SmartShopper system is intuitive, easy to understand and customers can make virtually no mistakes. The security thus conveyed ensures a high acceptance rate of the shopping cart. In use, the SmartShopper offers customers a whole range of advantages: They can always see the value of their shopping basket, they can pre-sort their purchases in the cart and waiting times at checkouts are considerably reduced. This automatically results in a more customer-friendly utilisation of the parking spaces. Conclusion: The SmartShopper helps to improve the shopping experience and thus ensures a sustainable increase in customer satisfaction.



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